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Balance Cable


Crosszone’s CZ-1, release in June 2016 has achieved the technology of a natural external localization feature. Its natural quality of sound and comfortable fitting renders it an epoch-making headphone. The CZ-1 has received high ratings from its users since its release.

The CZ-1 comes with a 1.5m and 3.5m cable with a mini jack of 3.5mm and 6.3mm standard jack. Along with the continuous growth in the amplifier market, many users have demands for balanced cables to use with the headphones. These dedicated balanced cables are released as an accessory to the CZ-1 and CZ-10 headphones.

Main Specifications:

1.5m OFC litz cable with net jacket
3.5mm 4-conductor jack x 2


Connector Types

CZ-BC15XLR3XLR 3-pinx2
CZ-BC15XLR4XLR 4-pinx1