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Company Profile

CROSSZONE was established in Japan in 2016 by Asia Optical Inc., a Taiwanese EMS Company, which as an extensive experience in developing and manufacturing optical products. CZ-1 is the pioneer product of CROSSZONE and has received very good evaluation from reviewers and customers since. We hope to carry forward the concept of CZ-1 and are committed to continue developing high quality music equipment.

CZ-1 is the first product of Crosszone and received very good evaluation from experts and customers.

CZ-1 is the first product of Crosszone and has received very good evaluation from experts and customers.

Greetings from Chairman

I have been running Asia Optical, the parent company of CROSSZONE, for 40 years. Asia Optical is specialized in the manufacturing of lenses and optical products, technologies which are applied to devices like the digital camera and laser range finders.

During my long-distance travels, I would wear headphones to enjoy music. But the discomfort and fatigue after long-periods of listening had always been a problem. I told this dissatisfaction to a technician from a famous Japanese audio machine manufacturer, which was a long-term partner of Asia Optical. I found out that the biggest flaw in headphones is that the acoustic image is affected by a phenomenon known as center localization. (Center localization: when sound concentrates at the center of the head).

This finding led to the idea of developing headphones aimed to resolve this phenomenon. Therefore, I employed an acoustic technician from a famous Japanese acoustic device manufacturer and incorporated our precision processing technologies into the development of this headphone. After two years of continuous exploration, we came up with our pioneer product, the CZ-1.

CROSSZONE was established to bring the CZ-1 to the market, and is for those who favor a high quality and comfortable listening experience. This first-generation product is manufactured in the R&D and production base in Okaya of Nagano, a place known for precision machinery manufacturing. While adopting the new technologies of the CZ-1, CROSSZONE will continue to develop high quality and unique musical equipment.

Thank you for your support in CROSSZONE.

Best regards,

Chairman of CROSSZONE LTD.

Company Address

Crosszone LimitedPremium Audio Development Company
AddressTokyo Office
1-34-5 Ichigo-higasiikebukuro Bld.8F, Higashiikebukuro , Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan.

Okaya Development center and Factory
1-7-39 Kamo-cho, Okaya-shi, Nagano-Pref.,394-0003 Japan (in AOIDC)

Hong Kong Office
No.1-9, 26/F., CRE Centre, 889 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Lai Chi Kowloon, Hong Kong.